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Dr. Demetrios Kydonieus, Chiropractic Nutritionist  has been helping people heal since 1988 and still practices full time in Ruckersville, Virginia.  He has done a talk show on the FOX affiliate back in the late 1990's in Macon, Georgia that was quite successful as well a s live 'nutrition' call-in radio show on that local Macon, GA AM radio as well!  He now is making his return to broadcasting and helping people with solid information on nutrition and health based on science not sales hype. 

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Chiro Links!  Tons of information related to Chiropractic and Nutrition also some great healthy and tasty recipes!

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Vaccination Get the FACTS and latest news

Palmer Chiropractic College on Strokes and Chiropractic Safety (1 in 30 million are your chances of having a neck adjustment cause a stroke, I think you're safe!)


Oct. 2014:  Afton, VA – Representing “The Sense of the General Assembly of Virginia,” House Joint
Resolution No. 93 (Del. Tim Hugo, Patron) established the first week of October as “Chiropractic
Health Week” in Virginia earlier this year.
This resolution expresses that chiropractic is a safe,
effective, important, and highly relevant component of public health. 


So what of things is Dr D talking about on his show?

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Weight Loss- Why Diets Fail and make you gain weight!


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Antibiotics in your Organic Apples and Pears..OH MY!  read more


Karen Johnson, Medical Liaison for a $4.1 billion Anti-Aging Corporation

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Nutritionist & Exercise Coach, Traci Schumacher with Dr D & Robin Kydonieus
She was a guest on the Sept. 1, 2013 Broadcast, Weight Management. Below is Traci speaking to a packed house in Salt Lake City in October 2012.   
2,500 people showed up to hear her speak on the Obesity Epidemic! 
Listen to the Podcast when it comes online!

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Life Enhancing Chiropractic Care Center, Ruckersville VA 434-481-2012  We do house calls


Chiropractic 101
Watch this informative short video that explains chiropractic basics.




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Research studies and article downloads Read Dr D's Blog Here!
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American Chiropractic Association Website       International Chiropractic Association website

International Chiropractic Pediatric Association Website       Scientific Database of Research Article Abstracts (Pubmed)

Instrument Adjustments Activator Methods Find a Chiropractor near you that uses this low force adjusting method like Dr D!

The European Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism               American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

American Society for Clinical Nutrition

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